Communication Plans

Utilize One-Way SMS Text Messaging and Voice Calls for delivery status notifications, live tracking and proof of delivery and more.

Customer Notifications

Never keep another customer waiting. With automated notifications, customers have complete visibility into their order status and live ETA

Service Day Update

Arrival Update

Status Update

Proof of Delivery

RouteManager Voice Driver Call from Mobile App

You can now empower drivers by giving them the ability to call end customers privately with RouteManager Voice.

RouteManager Communication Plans

See below for the subscription plans available for RouteManager Customer Communication.

Credit Annual Limit









Suggested Orders Per Day









Suggested Orders Per Month









One credit is equal to:

  • RouteManager One-Way SMS = one text message

    • e.g. If you send three SMS text messages per order, you will use three credits per order
  • RouteManager Voice = 30-second driver phone call

    • e.g. If your driver’s customer calls are 60 seconds per order, you will use two credits per order

When calculating credits, calls are rounded up to the next 30-second interval; e.g. a call of 32 seconds will cost two credits.

The Credit Annual Limit is based on three SMS Notifications and 30 seconds of Call per Order.

*Disclaimer: If you choose to use emails, RouteManager Voice Advanced, One-Way SMS Text Messaging or other notifications from the RouteManager 360 solution, you are responsible for compliance with any and all applicable local laws and regulations. We make no representation that the Guidelines, content or materials set forth herein are accurate or complete. We are not responsible for any violations of law or regulations related to your use.

*Plans available for North America only.

One-Way SMS Text Messaging Guidelines

WorkWave strongly encourages customers to review the following best practices:

  • Get opt-in consent from each end user before sending any communication to them.
  • Only communicate during an end user's daytime hours unless it is urgent.
  • SMS should support HELP/STOP messages, and similar messages, in the end user's local language.
  • Do not contact end users on do-not-call or do-not-disturb registries.
  • Messaging length is 160 characters, including the tracking link.

For Australia specifically, all commercial electronic messages sent to an electronic address in Australia are beholden to the SPAM Act (2003). It is a customer’s responsibility to familiarize yourself with this legislation and ensure your compliance; the key rules relating to this can be found at this link and below:

  • Permission (consent)
    Messages can only be sent with the permission of the person who owns the account for the address (usually the recipient).
  • Identification
    Messages must contain the name and contact details of the person or business that authorized the message (sender identification).
  • Unsubscribe
    Messages must contain a low (or no cost) way for the recipient to stop getting messages (to ‘opt out’ or unsubscribe).